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By Midwest ENT
April 29, 2020
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Are you experiencing hearing loss? Maybe conversations sound muffled, you increase your TV volume or soft, high-pitched voices seem difficult to decipher. At Midwest ENT in Chicago, IL, help patients with hearing loss, offering precise diagnostics, treatments, and hearing aids for a better quality of life.

Kinds of hearing loss

The Hearing Loss Association of America reports that 20 percent of Americans have some kind and degree of hearing loss. Unfortunately, besides the obvious problem, hearing loss also leads to anxiety, depression, and dementia.

There are three basic kinds of hearing loss:

  • Sensorineural, which involves the sensitive hair cells of the inner ear and also the auditory nerve
  • Conductive, which impacts the structural components of the outer and middle ear
  • Mixed, which combines features of both

While age (presbycusis) and genetics affect hearing acuity, along with some medications and excess hearing wax, excessive noise exposure causes substantial damage. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says loud, damaging noise may be intense, as with an explosion, military service, or occupations in the construction and automotive trades. Additionally, repeated exposure to softer sounds over a longer period of time may reduce hearing clarity and volume.

Getting tested

You may be experiencing these symptoms of hearing loss:

  • Tinnitus, a continual buzzing, roaring or ringing sound in one or both ears
  • Asking people to repeat themselves in conversation
  • Increasing the volume of your TV, computer, radio or other kinds of audio equipment
  • Having difficulty understanding conversations in crowded environments such as parties or restaurants

What can you do about these symptoms?

Contact Midwest ENT for a hearing evaluation and physical exam. Testing pinpoints the kind and degree of your hearing problem and allows your doctor to plan your treatment. Hearing aids in Chicago, IL, often is the treatment of choice, particularly for age-related hearing issues. Sometimes surgery corrects the structural problems associated with conductive hearing loss.

Also, your doctor recommends:

  • Wearing ear protection when working with power tools (even the lawnmower)
  • Avoiding loud recreational environments such as rock concerts
  • Getting routine hearing exams annually after the age of 50

Hear well again

You can when you consult with your doctor and their friendly associates at Midwest ENT in Chicago, IL. To arrange a hearing examination or ask any questions about hearing aids, please call (312) 988-7777.

By Midwest ENT; Ear Nose and Throat Specialists
August 04, 2015
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