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August 21, 2018
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Head and neck cancers affect more than 55,000 Americans every year and can develop anywhere in the mouth, nose, throat, and sinuses.head and neck cancer Early diagnosis is important for ensuring the best possible prognosis. Regular checkups with an ear, nose and throat physician, also called an otolaryngologist, can increase the likelihood of early diagnosis. The otolaryngologist can look for signs of head and neck cancer during your exam. At Midwest Ear, Nose, and Throat, in Chicago, IL Dr. Gordon Siegel is your otolaryngologist for the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer.


Several different symptoms can develop when head and neck cancer is present. If these symptoms develop, it is important to schedule an exam with a doctor as soon as possible. The sooner cancer is diagnosed and treatment begins, the better the prognosis for beating the cancer. Symptoms and signs of head and neck cancer include:

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Ear pain when swallowing
  • Swelling inside the mouth
  • A growth inside the mouth
  • A persistent lump in the neck
  • Blood in the saliva or phlegm
  • Voice changes that persist for more than two weeks
  • Changes in the skin on the face, forehead or ears

Risk Factors

Certain habits can increase the risk of developing head and neck cancer. Regular consumption of alcohol and the use of tobacco products both increase the risk of developing head and neck cancer. All types of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products can increase risk.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When symptoms of head and neck cancer develop, several different types of medical tests can be performed to determine if cancer is present. Such tests include a head an neck exam, biopsy, CT scan, and MRI scan. If medical tests indicate cancer is present, treatment options include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. A Chicago head and neck cancer specialist can discuss which treatment methods are recommended based on your individual situation and what stage the cancer is at.

Knowing the signs of head and neck cancer helps with early diagnosis, which can give you the best prognosis. For the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer in Chicago, IL, schedule an appointment with Dr. Siegel by calling Midwest Ear Nose and Throat at (312) 988-7777.

January 09, 2017
Category: ENT
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The head and neck have a variety of structures which can be affected by cancer, and Dr. Gordon Siegel, an otolaryngologist at Midwest EarHead and Neck Cancer Nose and Throat in Chicago, IL, wants all of his patients to be aware of the ways that cancer may present itself in this region of the body. It's important to understand the signs and symptoms of cancer. Having it diagnosed early makes treatment more effective and makes it easier to manage.

What types of cancer affect the head and neck?

There are many types of cancer in the head and neck area. The most commonly seen cancers originate inside the mouth; many of these can be associated with tobacco use. Any part of the throat may also be affected by cancerous growths, as well as the salivary glands, the sinuses and the nasal passages.

What are the signs and symptoms of head and neck cancer?

No two cases of head and neck cancer are alike. All of the following signs and symptoms can also be attributed to benign causes, which is why it is important to see your otolaryngologist with any concerns you may have so that a proper diagnosis can be obtained. Dr. Siegel is affiliated with Northwestern Hospital and provides the most up to date treatment options. The symptoms can include:

  • Swollen lymph nodes, which may or may not be painful
  • A persistent sore throat
  • A red or white patch or a lesion inside the mouth that does not heal
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing, with or without pain
  • Numbness or weakness in an area of the head or neck

If you have any of the above symptoms or another problem that has persisted longer than two weeks, we here at Midwest Ear Nose and Throat in Chicago, IL urge you to call to make an appointment with our skilled head and neck cancer specialist, Dr. Siegel.